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Feb 5 / Dave Schumaker

Where on Google Earth #157


Ron Schott is bringing the Where on Google Earth game back to the geoblogosphere and posted this question today. He ended up posting a picture of the Loihi Seamount near the Big Island of Hawaii and I was the first person to identify it correctly. As a result, I have won my first WoGE game! Yes.

That means I get to post a question! So here we go. It might be pretty easy for people to guess, therefore, I evoke the Schott Rule: That means that previous winners must wait at least one hour for each WoGE they have successfully solved before submitting a solution. Current post time will be 9:00PM Pacific Time.

Anyway, one of my favorite places on Earth. And I cannot believe this shot came out of Google Earth. Absolutely phenomenal.

Where on Google Earth #157
Click to view larger photo

So how do you win?
1.) Be the first person to tell me the name of this geologic structure.
2.) Tell me what this structure is.
3.) Post the latitude and longitude that you can find it.

And if you win, that means you get to host the next installment! Yes!


(Links to previous WoGE locations and winners can be found here.)

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