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Jan 4 / Dave Schumaker

Daily Geology Links on Delicious – Saturday 3rd of January 2009

Today’s links from, tagged with geology:

  1. » The Straight Dope: Is Yellowstone Park sitting on a supervolcano that’s about to blow?
    (Tagged with science geography history geology)

  2. » Windows to the Universe
    (Tagged with science interactive solarsystem astronomy planets EarthScience Geology)

  3. » Unknown Earth: What happened during Earth’s dark ages? – 24 September 2008 – New Scientist
    Fascinerend (Tagged with environment earth geology)

  4. » BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Diamond clues to beasts’ demise
    (Tagged with geology Clovis Amer.Ind)

  5. » Educational Resources for K-16
    (Tagged with geology Univ_KY)

  6. » Kevin Kelly — The Technium
    Have we entered a new Geologic era, the Anthropocene? Great stuff as always from KK (Tagged with green technology environment energy science sciencefiction scarcity carbon climate sustainability evolution impact anthropocene earth geology human)

  7. » Yellowstone seismic activity on the upswing
    Since the day after Christmas, Yellowstone National Park has been experiencing an increase in seismic activity that scientists are calling an "energetic earthquake swarm". None of the tremors have been major, but it is the first such swarm since 1985. (Tagged with geology earth wyoming yellowstone)

  8. » YouTube – Lecture 40 Identification of minerals and rock samples
    (Tagged with rocks minerals geology

  9. » YouTube – Rock Identification: Geology
    (Tagged with geology kids rock.identification)

  10. » Recent Earthquakes for 110-44
    (Tagged with earthquake geology seismology)

  11. » Introduction – Pilot LIDAR Mapping Project – Portland, Oregon, Metro Area – Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries
    (Tagged with regional local mapping geology)

  12. » 100 Best Blogs for Earth Science Scholars – Learn-gasm
    (Tagged with Geology Blog)

  13. » AZ State Mine Inspector
    Arizona State Mine Inspector (Tagged with arizona state geology mine mines mining inspection inspector)

  14. » BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Diamond clues to beasts’ demise
    The controversial idea that space impacts may have wiped out woolly mammoths and early human settlers in North America has received new impetus. (Tagged with science archaeology astronomy geology climate extinction clovis)

  15. » Cocos Plate – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia<div class="entry-title-go-to"></div>
    (Tagged with geology)

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