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Jan 3 / Dave Schumaker

Daily Geology Links on Delicious – Friday 2nd of January 2009

Today’s links from, tagged with geology:

  1. » Earthquake Swarm at Yellowstone Supervolcano: Update
    (Tagged with paranoia geology news interesting random)

  2. » metaquotes: what old men find… "exciting"
    (Tagged with geology science)

  3. » Yellowstone Supervolcano may lead to nuclear disaster " Xenophilia (True Strange Stuff)
    (Tagged with weird interesting blog geology random)

  4. » BBC NEWS | Cues to coastal change from paintings
    (Tagged with coastline geology painting UK)

  5. » Malibu’s vanishing Broad Beach a sign of rising sea levels
    [LA Times] (Tagged with landscape coastline California geology erosion)

  6. » ANDRILL|blogs|betty
    Betty's 2006 blogs (Tagged with polar geology blogs antarctica)

  7. » Diamonds Suck! A Personal Essay on the Virtues of Moissanite & Why You Should NEVER Buy a Diamond
    A Personal Essay on the Virtues of Moissanite & Why You Should NEVER Buy a Diamond (Tagged with Science Shopping Jewelry Wedding Geology Diamonds gemstones)

  8. » Historic Earthquakes
    Largest Earthquake in California, Fort Tejon, 1857 (Tagged with history geography geology)

  9. » Mining in India – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    (Tagged with geology)

  10. » EARTH Magazine
    (Tagged with AGI american-geological-institute science geology earth news videocast earth-science magazine geoscience research energy environment)

  11. » OneGeology – Making Geological Map Data for the Earth Accessible
    (Tagged with Geography geology)

  12. » New Evidence of Meteor Bombardment –
    (Tagged with science geology climatology meteors dinosaurs extinction mammoths saber_tooth_tigers north_america yucatan diamonds humans 12 900_years_ago 65_million_years_ago)

  13. » U.S. Geological Survey
    Science organization that focuses on biology, geography, geology, geospatial information, and water, (Tagged with Geology Science)

  14. »
    Geology and Earth Science current events, news, articles, dictionary, satellite images, career information, reference maps, and more (Tagged with Geology)

  15. » Stories in Stone: building stone
    (Tagged with geology buildingstone)

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