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Dec 30 / Dave Schumaker

Daily Geology Links on Delicious – Monday 29th of December 2008

Today’s links from, tagged with geology:

  1. » Free Online Courses & Lectures from Great Universities (via Podcast and MP3) | Open Culture
    list of available free podcasts, including foreign languages, science or law lectures, and general university courses, among others (Tagged with reference podcast radio astronomy chemistry geology physics science)

  2. » Geology For Kids – By
    (Tagged with geology)

  3. » (video/quicktime Object)
    geologic period and system Jurassic >> Cretaceous >> Paleogene Paleogene >> Cretaceous >> Jurassic (Tagged with jim evans geology pan ocean sir francis drake channel)

  4. » The Mountains of Saint Francis: Discovering the Geologic …
    (Tagged with Book Literature Geology History)

  5. » Going underground to go `green’
    He explained that down past the frost line, the Earth keeps a temperature that's warmer than winter air and cooler than summer air.
    Geothermal systems take advantage of that by pumping fluid through underground pipes to carry the seasonal warmth or coolness to the surface. (Tagged with environment geology energy canada)

  6. » Windows to the world science links and activities galore
    (Tagged with science geology teaching)

  7. » HD Eruption Video Gives Clues to How Volcanoes Work | Wired Science from
    (Tagged with video science research geology)

    (Tagged with e-science e-research geology earth geography geoinformatics portal science2.0 cyberinfrastructure geosciences ontology geon)

  9. » The Paleontology Portal
    (Tagged with science reference education biology evolution fossils geology paleontology earth geography portal paleobiology)

  10. » The Paleobiology Database
    (Tagged with earth-science reference research database biology evolution geology fossils paleobiology paleontology)

  11. » Mystery Of Hexagonal Column Formations Such As Giant’s Causeway Solved With Kitchen Materials
    (Tagged with geology geometry)

  12. » Exploratorium | Evidence | How Do We Know What We Know? | Human Origins
    (Tagged with geology)

  13. » NOAA Learning Objects
    Click on the links or the images at the bottom to launch one or more of the NOAA learning objects in another window. (Tagged with science videos geology earth_science)

  14. » Encyclopedia of Earth
    (Tagged with web2.0 e-science e-research education reference encyclopedia geology earth-science geography environment earth ecology climate natural-resources wiki)

  15. » Digital Librarian: Geology
    (Tagged with geology)

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