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Dec 23 / Dave Schumaker

Daily Geology Links on Delicious – Tuesday 23rd of December 2008

Today’s links from, tagged with geology:

  1. » Home at Moagu
    (Tagged with geology maps)

  2. » GPS Tracklog: Moagu brings USGS maps to your Garmin handheld
    (Tagged with geology maps)

  3. » The National Map Seamless Server Viewer
    (Tagged with geology maps)

  4. » ??????(??)
    ?????????????????????60?????????????? (Tagged with r-★★ todo geography sichuan earthquake geology)

  5. » Tropics Cooled by Volcanic Eruptions : Discovery News
    (Tagged with news science climate geology volcano)

  6. » Mount Tambora – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    (Tagged with wikipedia asia southeast indonesia geography climate geology vocano)

  7. » Open Source Software Tools for Soil Scientists
    (Tagged with dataviz geology)

  8. » Abrupt climate shifts may move faster than thought (12/22/2008)
    (Tagged with climatechange usa 2008 geology)

  9. » Montana Roadside Geology Markers map
    (Tagged with geology roadtrip Montana signage)

  10. » List of dinosaurs – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    (Tagged with evolution classification lists monsters paleontology fossils geology dinosaurs dinosaur biology)

  11. » MIT OpenCourseWare | Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences | 12.001 Introduction to Geology, Spring 2008 | Home
    (Tagged with geology)

  12. » Do plumes exist?
    (Tagged with geology research Yellowstone volcanoes Deccan plumes)

  13. » Utah Activist Disrupts Sale of Leases for Drilling
    An economics student outbid and bid up the drilling rights. (Tagged with activism ecology economics geology oil)

  14. » Learning from the Fossil Record
    (Tagged with geology earth-science geological time)

  15. » Internet Archive: Details: Geology in 1835 : a popular sketch of the progress, leading features, and latest discoveries of this rising science
    (Tagged with Geology)

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