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Dec 16 / Dave Schumaker

Live from AGU – Day 2

I’m here for Day 2 of the AGU conference in San Francisco. Lots of exciting things are going on today.

Here are a few recent news stories fresh out of the conference.

Fight over dinosaurs flares anew in San Francisco
Global Warming Threatens Arctic Feedback Loops
Global-warming study shows grim future for ski resorts
Greenland, Antarctica, and Alaska melt at accelerating pace
Leaks Found in Earth’s Protective Magnetic Field
Lightning-Storm Gamma Rays Could Harm Air Travelers
Looking for Extra-Terrestrial Life in all the Right Places
New satellite data reveal impact of Olympic pollution controls
Saturn’s moon has ‘ice volcanoes’
Sun Induces Strange ‘Breathing’ of Earth’s Atmosphere
Wind-Farm Problems Blowin’ In The Wind

For more up to the minute news at AGU, check out Wired’s Science Blog. Alexis Madrigal is doing a fantastic job posting up to the minute information as he gets it.

Also remember, if you’d like to check out what other people are saying right now about AGU, check Twitter Search for ‘AGU.’

I just stopped by the exhibitors’ hall to check things out. Google has a phenomenal booth setup with computers running all sorts of visualizations in Google Earth (geologic maps, population density charts, number of hydroelectric dams per capita).

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