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Dec 11 / Dave Schumaker

Daily Geology Links on Delicious – Wednesday 10th of December 2008

Today’s links from, tagged with geology:

  1. » Free K-12 Earth science lesson plans , geology teaching materials.
    (Tagged with Lesson plan geology)

  2. » Technology, a Geological Force
    "We should expect that over the very long term, if technology continues to increase its presence and scope, our planet will see anthropogenic rock." (Tagged with geology future)

  3. » Clouds, by DaylightMap
    (Tagged with geology)

  4. » DaylightMap
    (Tagged with geology)

  5. » Dallas Paleontological Society – Surface Geology of Dallas and Tarrant Counties, Texas by Phil Scoggins
    Rocks, minerals, and fossils found on the surface of Dallas and Tarrant Counties were deposited in the Mesozoic Era and Cenozoic Era. (See Time Chart) The resulting formations are either of Cretaceous Age, 66 to 144 million years ago (ma) or Quaternary Age, present day to 10,000 years ago (Dates are approximations.) In Dallas County, the Cretaceous ranges from about 75 ma to 90 ma. In Tarrant County, the Cretaceous ranges from 90 ma to 115 ma. In other parts of Texas more of the Cretaceous Era is represented. For instance, the Cretaceous/Tertiary (K/T) boundary. (Tagged with Dallas Paleontological Society Surface Geology of and Tarrant Counties Texas by Phil Scoggins)

  6. » Wikimapia – Let’s describe the whole world!
    (Tagged with geology)

  7. » Geologic Time: The Story of a Changing Earth
    Interactive geologic timeline (Tagged with evolution earth geology interactive geologic_time)

  8. » Tas Walker’s Biblical Geology – The Glass House Mountains
    (Tagged with bible creation biblical geology brisbane glasshouse mountains volcano tas walker)

  9. » A New View of the Early Earth, Thanks to Australian Rocks –
    Geophysics for the win: "Geologists now almost universally agree that by 4.2 billion years ago, the Earth was a pretty placid place, with both land and oceans. Instead of hellishly hot, it may have frozen over. Because the young Sun put out 30 percent less energy than it does today, temperatures on Earth might have been cold enough for parts of the surface to have been covered by expanses of ice." (Tagged with science geology)

  10. » History of Inaccessible Island, South Atlantic Ocean
    (Tagged with geology)

  11. » YouTube – Earthquake Waves
    (Tagged with geology)

  12. » TeacherTube – Types of Earthquake Waves
    (Tagged with geology)

  13. » HowStuffWorks "Richter Scale"
    (Tagged with geology)

  14. » Waimangu geyser – Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand
    thats a big geyser (Tagged with water nz history landscape thermal geology)

  15. » Exploring Earth Chapter 10
    (Tagged with geology)

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