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Dec 11 / Dave Schumaker

Daily Flickr Photos – Photos Tagged Geology on Dec 10, 2008

A summary of photos posted on flickr today, tagged with “geology.

32 photos were added on December 10th

Petrified Forest (geological formation) Petrified forest (geological formation) Arches NP_H501c_Utah_1992562 Arches NP_H501c_Utah_1992559 Arches NP_H501c_Utah_1992561 Arches NP_H501c_Utah_1992563 Arches NP_H501c_Utah_1992557a Arches NP_H501c_Utah_1992560a Sonora Caverns - The Corinthian Room under Flash (HDR) Broken side Close up of Side Stalactite on Stand Broken top end of a Stalactite Front view of Stalactite Looking downon Stalactite on Stand Stalactite on Stand Stalactite on Mesquite Stand I made. Side Shot of Stalactite Redstone Dunes, north of Lake Mead Redstone Dunes, north of Lake Mead Ripple i miss the beach Rock Seams Arches NP_H501c_Utah_1992561 CIMG0717 Bedding plains. Mike pauses before the fins of Behind the Rocks Hotel with water views Up against the wall in a sandstone alcove jc6226.JPG jc6225.JPG Red rock folds

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