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Sep 6 / Dave Schumaker

Kasatochi Eruption and Sunsets

Kasatochi Island, a volcano located in the Aleutian Islands, erupted during the beginning of August and threw a large plume ash into the atmosphere. The result of this plume of ash have been brilliant and vivid sunsets in the Northern Hemisphere.

Some of these sunsets from around the world are featured below.

Photograph by Didier in Horebeke, Belgium on September 3rd.

Photograph by Bryant Olsen in Salt Lake City, Utah on September 3rd.

Photograph of a sunrise by Dick McGowan in Olathe, Kansas on August 31st.

Photograph of a sunrise by Dick McGowan in Olathe, Kansas on August 31st.

Photograph by Crystal Parsons in Moundsville, West Virginia on August 30th.

This week’s update from the Alaskan Volcano Observatory has downgraded the eruption threat from the volcano.

Seismicity at Kasatochi volcano remained low this week. For most of the week, no activity was observed in mostly cloudy satellite views. Today, a weak thermal anomaly was observed at the volcano. On September 3 and 4, passing mariners observed vigorous steam and gas plumes rising above the crater and extending up to twenty miles downwind.

Special thanks to the above photographers for their kind permission to use their photos in this post.

[Via The Volcanism Blog]

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