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May 14 / Dave Schumaker

Your First Geology Field Trip?

The weekend is almost upon us and that means it’s probably time for a new meme to sweep through the geoblogosphere. Last week, it was Pangea Day and before that it was Tag Clouds (I think we’re burning through Accretionary Wedge ideas at an alarming rate).

What was the first geology trip you ever went on? Where did you go, what were your impressions and most important of all; do you have any photos?

Earlier this evening, I uploaded a set of photos I found in my iPhoto library that documents the first geology trip I ever went on as a student at Riverside Community College, way back in the spring of 2001. It was lead by Dr. Jim Mehegan, one of the best professors I have ever had and who had a huge impact on my academic life. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2004 while kayaking the Colorado River.

The field trip in 2001 was for an introduction to geology class and visited the Eastern Mojave Desert over 3 days. Specific features we would look at were the Pisgah Crater, Cima Volcanic Field, Amboy Crater and the area around Essex/Hole in the Wall. The trip was an absolute blast.

At an old lava flow from Amboy Crater
Looking at Old Lava Flows - 1

About to hike up Amboy Crater
Geology Class at Amboy Crater - 06

First time hunting for fossils! (FYI, I’m the scrawny guy in the white shirt on the left)
Fossil Hunting - 08

Why do they call it Hole in the Wall?
Hole in the Wall and Essex - 19

Welded Tuff
Hole in the Wall and Essex - 24

Hiking to the top of the Kelso Dunes
Kelso Dunes - 13

At the top of the Kelso Dunes
Kelso Dunes - 11

Running down the face of the Kelso Dunes. (The Kelso Dunes are known as “barking dunes” for the sound that is made when air in the pore space of the sand grains is compressed and forced out from beneath the surface)
Kelso Dunes - 18

It’s amazing how young and dorky looking I am back then. Fortunately, a lot has changed in the past 7 years since I first started out in geology.

Dave Schumaker

Then again, maybe nothing has changed.

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