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Mar 12 / Dave Schumaker

My Favorite Geology T-Shirts

While browsing through some older posts on the geoblogosphere, I’ve come across a few posts detailing some great t-shirts on Threadless. This got me thinking about some of my favorite geology shirts that I either own or want. Get ready folks, let’s take a wild ride through the cheesy humor we earth scientists have.

First up, this classic design from Threadless. The infamous geology cake, most recently the subject of a blog by Callan Bently over at the NOVA Geoblog.

Geology cake shirt by Threadless
Credit: Tim Babb on Threadless

Next up is another fun Threadless shirt, this one recently blogged about by Tuff Cookie at Magma Cum Laude.

How Many Licks Does It Take
Credit: Ian Leino on Threadless

Next up is one of my personal favorites that I ordered from CafePress. A quick warning: CafePress has an incredible amount of… well, crap. But there are still a few good gems if you’re willing to search through their pages of goods (over 800 items just for geology). No wait, let me do it for you.

This shirt is awesome. Every time I wear it, I get fun comments and interested people.




Another site that has some great geology shirts is LocalGeographic (note: it took awhile for them to process my order and I had to send an email or two to get things moving). Nothing like trying to get people to expose themselves to geology.

Unfortunately, there is no direct link to the shirt. But here is an image (printed on the entire front of the shirt, don’t be fooled by this small drawing). They also have some other pretty witty geology related shirts: “I’m gneiss, tuff and a little wacke.” Hah.

Expose Yourself to Geology also has some shirts, but nothing that really sticks out.

Perhaps next time, I’ll have to do an entry on our favorite bumper stickers! I have a great one that says, “Geologists know what makes the bedrock.”

My Favorite Bumper Stickers
Two of my favorite bumper stickers.

That saying actually is part of a pet-peeve of mine. You might notice a more popular phrase floating about that says, “Geologists know how to make the bedrock” (emphasis mine). This is inherently wrong. We usually know, or have a good idea what the bedrock is composed of. Very rarely, can we actually make bedrock. Thus, I think the double entendre of the former saying is much better than the later.

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