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Jun 5 / Dave Schumaker

Physical Properties of Quicksand

The website Damn Interesting has reposted an article that appeared on their website back in January, titled “The Physics of Quicksand.” This piece talks about the actual physics behind real world quicksand, as opposed to the quicksand that Hollywood always shows us. It turns out, we really don’t have all that much to fear when we’re hiking through tropical jungles and such. However, there is potentially a very dangerous type of quicksand called “dry quicksand.” Fortunately, it has only been created in a laboratory environment!

How Stuff Works also has a great article on quicksand as well (and even tells you how you can get yourself out of it). It also contains interesting tidbits on the natural elements and forces that create quicksand. The last link on quicksand is a link from Wikipedia.

More information available at National Geographic’s website as well.

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